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Ashish Singru, Senior Director & Head, Global Business Analytics Center , ‎eBay | Linkedin

Serein recently worked with my team at eBay on helping employees understand and be aware of unconscious biases that may be present in their own thinking or in the workplace. We got a very good grasp of how such biases take root and develop, and how we can consciously check our own behaviors and those around us to help make the workplace more inclusive by minimizing or eliminating such biases.

The Serein team did some interactive exercises for the team to develop group sensitivity on this topic, which helps build better trust and exchange of ideas on how we can manage our culture as well as internal processes to enable a bias-free environment. One of the most important things we learnt was that unconscious bias is not just about gender but can be about a variety of socio-economic or demographic factors that influence our thinking from a young age to adulthood

Marsha Lewis, L & D Head, Epsilon | LinkedIn

Serein partnered with Epsilon’s leadership to create awareness about how hidden biases can affect organizational development and work culture.

Ishani and Chryslynn together bring to the table rich and distinctive experience and expertise in these fields, thus making our engagement efficient, effective and unique. The reliability of research based data and evidence to substantiate and support the message that is being presented makes it that much more relevant for our audience to understand, appreciate and implement next steps to be taken.


Kevin Freitas, CHRO, Dream11 | LinkedIn

An engaging workshop that wove the key messages through experiential exercises and stories. Chryslynn and Ishani were outstanding in condensing the content and communicating a very serious matter in a manner that was absorbed with rapt attention by Dreamsters. I recommend this workshop to any organization that wants to instill respect for everyone and not just toeing the law.

Every management team can benefit from learning from this team workshop and be self aware of how biases affect the decisions they make.





Compile leadership identified collaboration challenges in the organisation and steps to overcome them. Serein conducted a series of workshops to address diversity and inclusion helped the team by introducing them to the concept of unconscious bias. The simulation modules with the young technologist were conducted to understand the professional and business implications of an unconscious gender bias. The follow-on discussions helped in building a broader perception of gender in the workplace.

Taking the conversation beyond gender 

The experiential tools focused on how different forms of diversity (language, region, age) influence collaboration. The immersive modules enabled team members and leaders to understand the value of diversity and openness in communication. The follow-on discussions helped in building a more collaborative environment that would directly impact the product, the people and the business.

designing change

The leadership at Epsilon, Bangalore were determined to build a diverse workforce from the very beginning. With a fast growing numbers the organization partnered with Serein to conduct diversity trainings for hiring managers. The focus of the workshop was understanding the business impact of the unconscious bias and actionable strategies for managers to adopt during the different phases of recruitment.

The trainings also encouraged hiring managers to view compensation negotiation as a healthy discussion and not bias candidates. As a part of awareness trainings, Serein led sensitivity workshops to have an open dialogue on what constitutes offensive action or speech and techniques for behavioural modifications.
Consolidating data from the managerial workshop, Serein facilitated a workshop with the senior leadership to outline Deliberate Design (that doesn’t rely on mind-set change) to overcome bias.