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Compile leadership identified collaboration challenges in the organisation and steps to overcome them. Serein conducted a series of workshops to address diversity and inclusion helped the team by introducing them to the concept of unconscious bias. The simulation modules with the young technologist were conducted to understand the professional and business implications of an unconscious gender bias. The follow-on discussions helped in building a broader perception of gender in the workplace. Compile has consistently renewed the safety dialogue through face-to-face trainings, e-learning modules and Internal Committee (IC) trainings. 

Taking the conversation beyond gender 

The experiential tools focused on how different forms of diversity (language, region, age) influence collaboration. The immersive modules enabled team members and leaders to understand the value of diversity and openness in communication. The follow-on discussions helped in building a more collaborative environment that would directly impact the product, the people and the business. Serein has been working with Moonfrog in taking care of their end to end PoSH requirements: prevention of sexual harassment trainings, serving as external member to Internal Committee (IC), training of IC members etc.

designing change

The leadership at Epsilon, Bangalore were determined to build a diverse workforce from the very beginning. With a fast growing numbers the organization partnered with Serein to conduct diversity trainings for hiring managers. The focus of the workshop was understanding the business impact of the unconscious bias and actionable strategies for managers to adopt during the different phases of recruitment.

The trainings also encouraged hiring managers to view compensation negotiation as a healthy discussion and not bias candidates. As a part of awareness trainings, Serein led sensitivity workshops to have an open dialogue on what constitutes offensive action or speech and techniques for behavioural modifications.
Consolidating data from the managerial workshop, Serein facilitated a workshop with the senior leadership to outline Deliberate Design (that doesn’t rely on mind-set change) to overcome bias.