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The Inclusion Handbook

By Vaishnavi Tekumalla, Chryslynn D’Costa and Ishani Roy

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Over time, certain movements begin to lose their power to influence us. Gender, diversity, parity are among those concepts that are losing their sway among the targeted audience.

One may argue that this is not true:  we see many Facebook posts, talks, articles, rallies and protest movements.

But, the questions to ask are — Who is participating in these movements? Who is engaging in these conversations?

More often than not, it is like-minded individuals. Those affected by the problem and those who have always empathised with the issue. 

With these questions in mind we started looking at what is stopping the Indian workplace from being truly diverse and inclusive. Through our work with companies of varying sizes - from a twenty person startup that is doing pioneering work in AI to enterprises with diverse product lines - we found a multitude of challenges. These include societal expectations that keep women away from the workplace and aggressive work cultures that intimidate underrepresented groups. Inclusion isn’t going to be achieved with a few check-box trainings and compliance requirements.

This report is the product of our learnings through this journey.

If you would like a copy, please send us your company name and email id and we will be happy to share our research.

Inclusion Bytes

True inclusion cannot be achieved in a day. It takes deep thinking and meticulous implementation of strategies. Some leaders have implemented a lot of amazing inclusion initiatives in their organization which have helped people from all facets of life/diverse backgrounds.

We have collated these successful inclusion initiatives from several CHROs/D&I leaders which we hope would be of use to many who are looking to dive deep into their inclusion journey.

Kevin Freitas

CHRO Dream11

Kevin tells us how an innovative referral program has managed to increase diversity recruitment and has achieved stellar inclusion at Dream11. 

Tina vinod

head d&I thought works

Tina talks about how Thoughtworks has extended the frontiers of LGBT inclusion in India through consistent awareness, internships and recruitment of transgender employees



Tanuja talks about how Bingbasket has made strides towards having more women pickers at their warehouses as well as building teams with employees with special needs. 

poonam sharma

head OD, Talent management and engagement, alkem labs

Poonam talks about how she worked on mitigating unconscious bias and created adequate support mechanism to attract and retain female employees.

gayathri ramamurthy

Senior Director at Capgemini

Gayathri talks about how Capgemini reduced female attrition through their FareWelcome, Buddy Connect and CAPtivate initiatives.

janani krishnan

chief manager, piramal foundation

Janani tells us how Piramal Foundation has been systematically making every one of their employees, partners, community members aware of the importance of prevention of sexual harassment.