inclusion labs

Serein Inclusion Labs are in partnership with the company’s HR to leverage the best people policies in the industry. It is here that we design and implement::

  • Diversity strategies for recruitment
  • Inclusion policies and events
  • Leadership for women and other diverse candidates
  • Data assessments of rolled out initiatives
  • Organizational success report

WOmen's accelaration

Often women friendly policies increase the bias against women. The content is focused on re-designing the structure of work to address women’s issues without the traditional gender conversation. It is intended to take away stigma form these policies and build and inclusive company. The content includes:

  • Communications training for women employees
  • Launch targeted sponsorship program
  • Unconscious Bias training for hiring managers
  • Concentration on leadership building and hiring for women
  • Customized diversity training for leadership
  • Launch Diversity Index across organization
  • Pay parity analysis