Building empowered startups

IIM-B Eximius Conference

In companies around the world, building the right team is a crucial factor for achieving and sustaining successful organizational performance. This aspect becomes especially important in the startup context; it is a purple unicorn that has the potential to make or break fledgling ventures. Every entrepreneur is thus confronted with a multitude of challenges: how to attract and retain the right talent, foster innovative ideas and build an open culture.

It is against this backdrop that IIMB Women in Management (WIM) in collaboration with IIMB’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Cell, present ‘SHRISHTI’ – a workshop on building empowered startups. The workshop will be conducted by Dr. Ishani Roy, founder of Serein, a Bangalore-based organization that re-imagines diversity for the Indian workplace.

Date: 3:30 PM, 6th August | Central Pergola, IIM Bangalore