Waiting for India Inc's Uber moment

In a blog, Susan Fowler, a former engineer at Uber, described in surreal detail, a series of events over a period of one year that included verbal harassment from co-workers, sexual harassment from her manager and complicit behaviour from the company’s human resource leaders. Fowler’s experience prompted Uber to appoint the former US attorney general to investigate the case. Within days, the head of engineering and star hire Amit Singhal resigned for not divulging harassment charges at his former employer, Google.

Every day brings a new story of a dysfunctional work culture at the world’s most valuable companies. 

As a diversity consultant, I must confess that Indian companies are no better. In some instances, India Inc is a generation behind in matters of gender fairness. The very public case of TERI and R K Pachauri showed that these attitudes are entrenched even in larger organisations.

Article originally appeared in Business Standard