employee sensitisation

Serein’s Prevention of Sexual Harassment, commonly known as PoSH, training simplifies the mandates of the laws to make it more understandable and relatable to all employees. The interactive games and tool use an empathetic approach for employees to better understand what constitutes physical, verbal and nonverbal sexual harassment and the mechanisms to seek help in the organization. The trainings also addresses many fears around making a complaint and the unconscious or finer behaviours that amount to harassment in the workplace.

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designing culture and safety with leadership

PoSH is a big slice of the workplace culture pie. Serein’s extensive research and experience has lead us to better understand strategies and policies towards prevention of sexual harassment and building safe spaces. At the same time, this session is designed to help the leadership deal with an incident when it is reported internally as well as those that are made public. It is important to recognize that the strength of the organizations culture lies heavily on how effectively and genuinely the leadership responds in a crisis.


Internal committee training

The interactive session, includes information on the procedures of the law and policies that ensure safety in the workplace. It also covers micro-aggressions and common misconceptions.

It lays out the liabilities for important timelines, handling, misuse and abuse, essential dos and don’ts when dealing with an incident

annual retainer as external member

The annual package include our experts writing your company policy, filing your annual report as per the law, quarterly meets to assess culture and other interactive tools. We also serve as external members to assist the Internal Committee during incidents.