Collaboration challenges in the Indian workplace culture are unique. Serein uses the latest research in behavioural economics, sociology, cognitive science and psychology to develop diversity and inclusion solutions that are specific to the Indian context. 

Our interventions are a combination of workshops, experiential tools, simulation games and in-depth assessments to drive organizational development. 

Our e-learning platform offers multiple trainings on PoSH and gender sensitisation. To learn more about our annual training, refreshers training and training of IC members explore our courses here


Prevention of sexual harassment (PoSH)


external member

  • External member to IC
  • Preparation/review of policy
  • Annual report to be submitted to DO
  • Posters, induction material
  • Hearing during incident

employee training

  • What constitutes physical/verbal harassment
  • Face to face training
  • E-learning and webinar modules
  • Languages: English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telegu

IC training

  • Organizational/legal responsibilities of IC
  • Process of conducting an enquiry
  • Timelines and methods of enquiry
  • Liabilities for offences under the law
  •  Handling misuse and abuse

Diversity and inclusion


inclusion labs

  • Pilot programs for inclusion
  • Strategic wider roll-outs
  • Success reports 
  • Great place to work study

unconscious bias 

  • Simulation tools
  • Recruitment and retention strategies
  • Customised to demographic


  • Women in leadership
  • Growing the base through sponsorships
  • Communication/networking

gender sensitization

  • Awareness and sensitization
  • Communication tools
  • Statistical model of biases

leadership and team

  • Strategies for recruitment
  • Building open and safe work culture
  • Collaboration challenges

Inclusion events

  • Partner to plan and execute diversity events
  • Speeches and roundtables