unconscious bias training

The unconscious bias is the foremost hurdle to building a diverse team. Our workshops include simulation tools to understand this bias. The second phase of the series focuses on strategies for diversity recruitment to broaden the talent pool and recruit the best talent. It also looks at culture policies to improve team collaboration and increase the precision of appraisal decisions.

Gender Sensitization

The workshop series focus on understanding the nuances of gendered perspectives through which we set our expectations and decisions about people. It also elucidates on how gender and biased interactions impact professional outcomes.

posh Awareness trainings

We have built a series of interactive games that are grounded in scientific research on harassment. These tools help to discuss and sensitize employees on what constitutes verbal and non verbal sexual harassment, create awareness on company policies on POSH and discuss measures to be taken after an occurrence. The workshop shares measures and policies towards building a safer workplace.


Partner with us to plan your end to end inclusion events. From keynote speeches to panel discussion on gender equity and beyond: we help you plan and deliver the most inclusive events which gets all your employees to have a dialogue on diversity.

The assessment helps you evaluate employee data to map your company's strengths and opportunities for growth in the space of diversity and inclusion. We also benchmark your performance to industry peers.
Using quantitative and qualitative measures, we develop a customized diversity solution that is aligned to your business goals, e.g. talent acquisition, employee retention or innovation.
All our processes and policies are metric-driven, for a measurable impact.

assessment reports


leadership and collaboration

Communication gaps, faulty products, high rates of attrition- these are symptoms of incoherence within the team. Our tools are customized to identify the causes, consequences and solutions to address these collaboration challenges. The simulation games are designed to help companies leverage diversity to create an equitable, fair and high performing organization.